"Today's Healthy Choices are Tomorrow's Healthy Outcomes."

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Welcome to Healthy Outcomes!
“Today’s Healthy Choices are Tomorrow’s Healthy Outcomes.”

Healthy Outcomes' Substance Abuse Prevention Strategy includes:

Community Programs

1) Parent Prevention Workshops
2) School Staff Development
3) Student Awareness Programs


 professional services
1)  drug and alcohol education cou
nseling (one-on-one or group sessions)
2)  Drug Abuse Recognition Training for Medical Professionals and Treatment Professionals

award-winning programs proven to help reduce underage drinking and teen drug use!

2010 "National Service to science award" from the substance abuse and mental health services administration (samhsa)

2008 "All star award" from the Consumer healthcare products association (chpa)

2006 "citizenship in action" award of recognition from the middlesex district attorney's partnerships for youth

"Your classes gave me the information and the strength to confront and try to educate our older son.  More importantly though, this has opened up discussions with our younger children as well and I know I am much more aware now and I believe that gives me some power!"-parent


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