"Today's Healthy Choices are Tomorrow's Healthy Outcomes."

About Healthy Outcomes

“Today’s Healthy Choices are Tomorrow’s Healthy Outcomes.”

Marilyn G. Belmonte, Founder and Executive Director, movitating a community to be proactive in teen substance abuse prevention.


            Over the past couple decades, research proved that parental monitoring, parent involvement, parent-teen conversations and other parenting skills could dramatically reduce teen substance abuse.  Yet most parents are unaware of the body of research that might motivate them to become more pro-active in preventing their teens' alcohol and drug use.

            To raise awareness about prevention to parents, Belmonte founded Drug Abuse Recognition & Prevention in 2005. 

            The first program Belmonte designed for parents was the “Citizens Drug Recognition Academy”.  This innovative, 4-session presentation taught parents about a wide variety of teen drug trends, recognizing the signs of abuse and recognizing the paraphernalia.

            Over the past seven years, the program has evolved into “APPLAUDD: A Prevention Program Learning About Underage Drinking & Drugs”  which includes parenting strategies scientifically proven to reduce risk of drug and alcohol abuse such as frequent parent-teen conversations; understanding the effect of drugs and alcohol on adolescent brain development; being able to locate treatment resources; and implementing community-wide change.

            In 2010, Ms. Belmonte's community programs were awarded to the "National Service to Science Inititative", a federal program designed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to increase the number of local evidence-based prevention programs.  In 2011, "Service To Science" provided a mini-grant to Ms. Belmonte to fund the evaluation of APPLAUDD.

            The key findings of this "Service to Science" evaluation:

Parent Confidence.  Parental confidence improved in every category tested.  Participants showed an increase in confidence in talking to their teens about drugs and alcohol, answering specific questions relating to substance abuse, setting and enforcing rules surrounding drug and alcohol use, recognizing if their teen is using drugs, talking to their teens if they recognize their teen is using drugs, and finding treatment resources for their teens.  All of the increased confidence was maintained or increased even further 6 weeks after APPLAUDD ended.

Parenting Skills. Parenting skills that have been proven to reduce teen substance abuse improved. Parents spent more time talking to their children about their expectations; parents increased the frequency of family dinners; participants monitored the activities of their teens more closely after attending APPLAUDD.

Social Norms.  Changing how parents think and act regarding teen drinking and drug use is always a challenge but an important goal to any prevention effort.  APPLAUDD changed how parents view their own teens drinking alcohol, other parents providing a "safe" place for teens to drink, and teen marijuana use.

             In 2012, Marilyn Belmonte founded Healthy Outcomes, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides minimal or no-cost parent workshops, professional trainings and student programs through grant funding.

 A full report of Healthy Outcomes, Inc. evaluation results will be provided upon request. Please contact Marilyn Belmonte at mbelmonte@GetHealthyOutcomes.org


Leadership Team:

Marilyn G. Belmonte
Executive Director

Steven A. Belmonte

Board of Directors:

Roger Bell, Owner
Versatile Printing

Teresa Anderson, Ph.D., M.S.W.
Associate Director of Research and Evaluation at UMASS Medical School 

Dennis Belmonte, Owner
Belmonte Construction

Steven A. Belmonte, CPA

























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