"Today's Healthy Choices are Tomorrow's Healthy Outcomes."

Community Programs

PARENTS are the #1 deterrent of teen substance abuse prevention.  You can empower the parents in your community to be the PRIMARY alcohol and other drug prevention educator for their children with Healthy Outcomes workshops.

“Thank you very much.  I feel I dodged a bullet this week.  I know the drug war is not over in my own home but today was a big step for me.  I feel like I got my son back a little rather than seeing him continue to drift away.  You are a godsend.  God Bless you.”--parent

We have scientific evidence to prove it:

Youths aged 12 to 17 who believed their parents would strongly disapprove of their using a particular substance were less likely to use that substance than were youths who believed their parents would somewhat disapprove or neither approve nor disapprove.

Research shows that, despite common belief, teens listen to their parents and care what they think

  • The majority of teens say the greatest risk in using marijuana is upsetting their parents (69%), followed by losing the respect of friends and family (67.2%).
  • Youth who are not regularly monitored by their parents are four times more likely to use illicit drugs.
  • Kids who learn about the risks of marijuana and other illicit drugs from their parents are far less likely to use drugs.
  • When family monitoring and rules are in place, adolescents are much less likely to begin using drugs, primarily by affecting the teen’s choice of friends.

 Healthy Outcomes' parent workshops have been PROVEN to increase parent confidence in talking with their teens about drug and alcohol use.  Empower your parents now to reduce teen substance abuse in your community!


“I remain in awe of the wonderful work you are doing, your innovative and creative approach! The communities and youth of the North Shore are very lucky to have a motivational speaker of your caliber and insight so close and available to us!”--parent

Nominated to "Service to Science' by the MA Department of Public Health and Winner of this national award in 2010!
A. Four-Part Parent Workshop:

        APPLAUDD: A Prevention Program Learning About Underage Drinking & Drugs
 is a 4-session workshop that teaches parents about the latest trends in teen substance abuse; how to improve parenting prevention skills; and find treatment resources.

B. Two-Part Parent Workshop:

        Promoting Healthy Choices
is a 2-session version of APPLAUDD.

C.  One-Event Parent Presentations:
        Raising Healthy Teens helps empower parents to reduce risk of teen substance abuse.  This program is tailored to your community's specific needs.

        Molding Our Children's Future focuses on underage drinking and using this dynamic developmental stage to bring about positive outcomes. 

        Bridging the Communication Gap is a parent-teen presentation that helps break through communication barriers when talking about drugs and/or alcohol. 

        Guiding Our Children's Choices is designed to empower parents of elementary school students to prevent teen substance abuse.

        Building Blocks for Success helps parents understand developmental assets proven to increase protective factors against substance abuse.

“Thanks again so much.  You have made a difference to me and my family.  When I see flashes of maturity in our son, we talk, talk, talk.  I think slowly we are getting through.  I can’t say yet how things will work out but I am hopeful now and a few months ago, I wasn’t.”--parent

D. Student Education:

        Fact or Fiction....Are You Ready To Play? is an interactive student education program in a "game show" format that encourages participation and thoughtful discussion on drugs and alcohol.

"Marilyn Belmonte’s mind-blowing information aids adults in recognizing what their children are exposed to on a daily basis.  ‘Amazing awareness’ is the best way to describe it.”  Pat Mooney, Tewksbury CARES

E.  Professional Development:

Drug Recognition for Youth Professionals:  Recognizing the earliest signs of drug abuse can lead to an early intervention which can prevent continued use, increase parent cooperation and successful recovery.
*MA Department of Public Health recommended student assessment included.

        Designer Drug Recognition:  The latest trend is lab-created drugs designed to mimic illegal drugs as legal substitutes.  This trend opens the door for an infinite number of dangerous drugs.   Train your staff to be prepared.

        Peer 2 Peer Alcohol Education Program:  trains school faculty to run a peer alcohol education program in your district.  Select high school peer leaders are sent into the middle school to teach students about alcohol through games, skits and role play. 
*Outline, curriculum and materials included.

        Inhalant Education Curriculum for Health Instructors:  Elementary and middle school health instructors need this inhalant prevention curriculum for their students.  The Massachusetts Inhalants Prevention Coalition recommends that inhalants never be included with other substance abuse topics such as drugs or alcohol.  
*Full curriculum and teacher guide included.

“You did a phenomenal Job engaging both youth and parents. I know that can be somewhat of a challenging thing to do simultaneously to engage both audiences. But you ROCKED as always. I appreciate you and everything that you do! You are an amazing woman full of spirit, knowledge and wisdom!”  Adelia C. Rocha, Dorchester Substance Abuse Coalition

“I enjoyed your presentation greatly.  I could see and feel your passion for this work.  You can really captivate an audience”  Alyssa Wyman, Juvenile Advocacy Group, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network



















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